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Relationship Violence

Does this sound familiar?

Emotional Abuse:

  • Is your partner so jealous or possessive that you feel like you have to give reasons for everything you do or places you go, or people you see?
  • Does he/she make you feel bad about yourself or tell you that no one would want to go out with you?
  • Does he/she tell you how to dress or how to wear your hair, etc?
  • Do you apologize for their behavior when they treat you badly?
  • Intimidation/Threats:
  • Does your partner scare you by smashing things, yelling at you or driving recklessly?
  • Does he/she follow you around at school or in the community?
  • Has your partner ever made or sometimes carried out threats to hurt you physically or emotionally?
  • Has your partner ever threatened suicide if you leave the relationship?
  • Has he/she threatened to break up with you if you don't do what they want?
  • Does he/she keep track of all your time – where you are going, who you are with, etc.
  • Does he/she constantly phone, instant message or page you?
  • Does he/she constantly accuse you of flirting with other guys/girls or act extremely jealous?

Sexual Abuse:

  • Does you partner make you have sex when you don't want to or perform sexual acts you don't want to?
  • Does he/she make you feel unattractive, sexually ashamed or humiliated?
  • Does your partner treat you like an object or make sexist expectations like, "You're a man, your role is to..." or "You're a woman your role is to..."?

Physical Violence:

  • Has your partner pushed or shoved you?
  • Has your partner physically restrained you from leaving a room or blocked the doorway so you have no access to leave?
  • Has your partner hit, punched, slapped, or choked you?
  • Has your partner thrown something at you to hurt you?
  • Has your partner threatened to use a weapon against you?
  • Has your partner ever taken the phone away from you when you are calling for help?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, you may be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship and there is help for you.


Domestic Violence
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