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Cycle of Violence
Contacting MCVP

Violence is a Cycle: You Can Break the Cycle of Violence - Here are some ways.

  • Think first of your physical safety. Get away from the violent person as quickly as you can.
  • There are legal actions, such as restraining orders that require a person to stay away from you and stop abusing you if you fear for your safety. The police are there to help protect you too. If you have any questions about restraining orders or other protective measures you can call a crisis center or the police and they can assist you with the process.
  • Reach out for help. Contact family members, friends, police, counselors, or a crisis center - whomever you feel comfortable talking to about your situation.
  • Something to keep in mind if you are reporting abuse to an adult and you are under the age of 18, then that adult is required by law to report the abuse to the Division of Children, Youth and Family. DCYF, as this agency is commonly called, is there to help you and protect you and all other children and young adults from abuse. If you wish to talk with someone from a crisis center or some other location where you can remain anonymous, you always have that option and your situation will not be reported.
  • Remember that you cannot change another person's violent behavior. Giving in to demands, trying to please, pacifying and giving one more chance do not have a lasting effect.
  • People abuse because they can. In order for someone to eliminate the behavior, they have to first admit what they are doing is wrong and then take action towards changing their behavior. No one but the abusive person can make these changes.
  • Remember violence does not just go away. Once started, it usually keeps happening and gets worse. It becomes a cycle of abuse, but you can break the cycle by refusing to become a victim.
  • Realize that no one deserves to be abused. It shouldn't happen, it doesn't have to happen and it shouldn't be tolerated.

Love doesn't have to hurt.


Domestic Violence
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